Los Angeles, CA

Founder & CEO of Social Motion Packs. Singer, songwriter, visual artist, dog mom. 

motion packs

Butterfly Garden Pack
Minimal Interiors Pack
Women Who Bloom Pack
Natural Elements Pack
Add to Cart Pack
Malibu Waves Pack
Stay In Pack
Glittery Gradients Pack
Sand & Water Pack
Tropical Leaves Pack
Cocktails & Games Pack
Modern Still Life Pack
Disco Delight Pack
Feminine Interiors Pack
Tropical Twilight Pack
The Togetherness Pack
Celestial Clouds Pack
Chic Shadows Pack
Ethereal Dunes Pack
Field of Flowers Pack (Vol 2)
Brush Strokes Pack
Date Night Pack
Ocean Waters Pack
Champagne Party Pack
Beauty Botanicals Pack
The CEO Pack
Floating Florals Pack
Pride Pack
Pampas Pack
Minimal Photographer Pack
Portrait Studio Pack
Holiday Gift Pack
Glitter Goals Pack
Fall Colors Pack
Trick or Treat Pack
Autumn Ambience Pack
Merry & Bright Pack
Wine Lovers Pack
Classy Christmas Pack
Dancing Fabrics Pack
Desert Daze Pack
Psychedelic Blooms Pack
Summer Dreams Pack
Field of Flowers Pack (Vol. 1)

sound packs

Ethereal Vocals Pack