Behind the Scenes: Desert Daze Pack

In Phoenix, Arizona sits Papago Park, an other-worldly desert landscape that leaves you feeling like you're miles away from any civilization. Surrounded by red rocks, cacti and desert foliage, Cait takes us with her as she creates the Desert Daze Pack - so if you've ever wondered how a Social Motion Pack is made, it usually looks something like this.

"For this pack, I decided not to use a tripod so that I could be free to move around and catch scenes as I walked. I'm so often crouching behind a bush or leaning over to get an angle, a tripod can often just get in the way!"

"I knew I wanted to go shoot this pack just before sunset - golden hour is one of my favorite times to film outside. When the sun is lower, you get much more beautiful, directional light that provides interesting shape and shadows."

Don't miss the Desert Daze Pack - including 8 vertical videos of warm desert landscapes, cactus, and mountains. A perfect way for any earthy brand to incorporate motion into their content.


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