Q&A: How Stephanie Gilbert uses video as a Social Media CEO

Stephanie Gilbert, The Social Media CEO

Meet Stephanie Gilbert: A self-made social media guru who not only built a multi-six-figure social media agency, but also created the Social Media CEO - an educational platform and community teaching other women how to build their own thriving social media businesses. We've been big fans of hers for a while now, and recently got to ask her a few questions about her best practices on social media when it comes to incorporating video into your online presence. Get ready to take screenshots because there's some serious *gold* in her answers... to the interview!

What motivated you to start the Social Media CEO?

After scaling my own social media freelance business into a 6 figure “at-home” / remote agency, I had a lot of other social media service providers ask me how I did it, I constantly had folks asking me how they could start or grow their own business the way I had.

So, I decided to create a resource by social media managers, for social media managers -- to help them start, systemize and scale -- allowing them to bypass a lot of the mistakes I made when I started out.

What would you say are the most important things to consider when building a business’s social media presence?

Audience & Intention.

If you want to create content that converts followers into buyers, that content has to resonate, which means you first have to know exactly who you’re talking to. For 99.999% of businesses, the ultimate goal of social media marketing is sales. So, once you know the “who” you have to consider “the what”-- AKA your content -- it has to be purposeful.

Those 2 things (the who & the what) are non-negotiable if you want to create a strategy that helps you meet your goals… every post should intentionally lead followers toward some part of your sales funnel, whether that’s awareness & connection, deepening the relationship & establishing trust, subscribing to your newsletter or best case scenario, buying something.

Without an intentional content strategy, you’re probably posting randomly -- it’s hard to meet a goal that way!

How important is it to include video in a brand’s social media content?

VERY. New features and user behaviours have really shifted toward vertical video and it’s going to be extremely hard to stay ahead of the game without it.

Have you noticed any differences in social engagement when using video vs a static image?

Over the past 6-8 months I definitely have seen things move in the direction of video over static imagery. I’ve personally updated my business’ social strategy because of it. There are still types of static content that perform just as well as video - like tweet screenshots, memes, graphic quotes, but I can feel the tides turning on general static images. It’s getting harder and harder to grab follower’s attention without movement or text.

What are your favorite ways to use video on social media?

I love moving backgrounds for sharing static tweets or images in my Instagram feed - I’m also really starting to post reels consistently on Instagram (I love how much reach those are getting right now).

Ok last question, what’s your favorite Social Motion Pack?

That’s a hard one, I love them all. I feel like I should say The CEO Pack (because of The Social Media CEO) but I really love the Dancing Fabrics and Natural Elements Pack too. Don’t make me choose. 😉


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