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social motion packs?

The first all-vertical video library created for social feeds. Curated collections of beautiful royalty-free content designed to boost your engagement, elevate your brand, and make you look good.

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Helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your packs.

thumb-stopping video for everyone.

In the digital world, having visually stunning video content is a common key to success. After years of working as a videographer with other creators, entrepreneurs, and business-owners, I realized there was a great need for an affordable and easy way to have engaging video content that looked custom, but without the premium cost of a videographer.

I would often find myself scrolling through stock video libraries looking for footage... but it was rare that I found something that matched the aesthetic I was working towards. Most libraries look very "stock", corporate, masculine, and many are alarmingly lacking diversity.


I created the Social Motion Packs so that anyone could represent their business or themselves with beautiful, custom-looking visuals - with just one click. They are affordable, they are easy to use, and instead of just purchasing one clip to represent your brand, you get an entire cohesive collection. It's been proven that vertical video out-performs any other kind of social post, so our entire library is vertical - designed to fill the screen of the phone in your palm.

It has been mind-blowing to watch creatives & business owners take the SMP's and make them their own. I've seen boutiques use them to announce a sale, entrepreneurs use them to post their favorite quote, musicians use them to promote their music, influencers use them to engage with their following, photographers use them to showcase their work, coaches & organizations use them to build their community, and so many more. Our customers range across hundreds of industries and over 55 countries!


Our core mission is to provide entrepreneurs everywhere, no matter what they're building, with gorgeous video to stop their customers in their tracks, build their brand and create the content they've always dreamed of.


Founder & CEO

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but, why vertical?

  • Studies suggest we hold our phones vertically 94% of the time while watching videos.

  • Vertical videos get 4x the engagement than square videos.

  • 90% of vertical videos have a higher watch completion rate compared to horizontal videos.

  • You can reach 58% more people with vertical branded video content.

  • 64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded videos on social platforms.

Statistics provided by Yans Media & WyzOwl.