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Amplify your visuals with royalty-free music and audio exclusively created for social content & made to match the motion you know and love.

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“Social Motion Packs are a total game-changer. These packs have saved our team so much time - making the content creation process a breeze. Bonus: We always get so many compliments on our SMP posts!”

“I absolutely love using video in backgrounds on my social media posts, and Social Motion Packs are by far my favorite. They are so beautiful and fun to use. Always my go-to source that I recommend to everyone!”

“Pinterest backgrounds and Canva templates were getting SO old & repetitive for me! SMP made my brand go from “one of many” to “creative genius”! A breath of fresh air in the marketing world.”

"I LOVE how easily you can create beautiful and impactful stories with the Social Motion Packs. The first time I used one, I booked a client within minutes!"

“When I found the Social Motion Packs, I was sold immediately. These packs are GENIUS! Perfect for days where you have something to say but don’t feel called to post.”


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